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Automotive Leads


Humaneyezed has created state of the art technology to proactively produce leads for all facets of the Automotive industry.  These Leads will get you straight to the Owners of those trying to sell their Vehicle.  These leads can assist the Dealership or the Individual Salesman.

  • Access multiple Leads sources simultaneously – We erase the duplicates.
  • Elimination of all dealership owned Re-listings – Don’t waste time talking to Dealerships.
  • Fantastic tool to increase your Used Car Inventory – Find the Cars you need on your lot before Auction Day.
  • Daily Delivery of Leads in your preferred area with your preferred makes and models.
  • Exclusive Leads — beat your Competitor to the Inventory — Don’t wait for auction day.
  • Individual Salesman – Build up your clientele – Assist these Sellers with a trade-in.  Don’t wait for them to come in.  Invite them to be your Guest — Your Sale!!!

Additional Details of Auto Leads:

  • Leads contain Name, Address, & Phone
  • Make, Model & Year provided
  • When possible Vin and condition of car included.
  • Leads can be customized and filtered to fit specifications of Customer.

Contact Jake Fackrell 801-377-1649